Mother and Child Mission Centre (K)

All feel the same pain All need each other  

Message from the centre Director

Mother & Child Mission Centre Centre (K) is pleased to welcome all people of walks of life across the globe as we live in a global village currently.  With our span of initiatives which we foresaw can better its people we came together to foresee that our women and children’s rights are adhered to.  With broad based programmes we have faced challenges among others in ASAD areas and have successfully accomplished trends of which we though see as a positive work though still need to do more to other programmed areas of sustaining the livelihood of our women and children across the globe.

With diversity in health, empowerment, social norms, human rights among others we understood what the challenges of our people were undergoing and we as a CSO – Community Service Organization we have no obligation to assist in each way no matter the race, colour, or ethnicity of our programmed areas.

We have come a long way since 2004 when MCMC(K) – Mother and Child Mission Centre of Kenya was registered as a Non-Governmental Organization and worked across boarder with Sudan before it became split to South Sudan and Sudan with programmes mainly in Social aspect on Peace building and Women Empowerment in conjunction with children’s rights.  We have too worked with different stake holders with like-minded in our programmed areas like Kangemi Women Empowerment, Youth in Focus Foundation, Abantu for Development all of which I have been part and parcel of its nurturing in my tenue these are organizations which are in Kenya.  Akobo Women Empowerment Centre, Alternative Poverty Eradication Bureau for Africa, Tear Fund; these being in Sudan and South Sudan as my major roles were in peace building, women empowerment, human rights and children’s rights.

Within MCMC(K) We have been grateful with the co-founding members who have been the main pillar of the organization since its inception and voluntarily been working tireless without bounds to foresee that our programmed areas are achieved.

We have been so grateful too from our sponsors who have worked with us through our scholarship programmes both internationally and local to see our children get better education and achieve their dreams for the future.

These scholarship beneficiaries have been attributed to the hard work we have been having as a centre since 2004 when the organization became registered. 

Currently we are glad in the SME’s programmes which are geared towards achieving self-reliance to all families who are in need in our society and we look forward in ascertaining that we shall achieve our vision 2030 for a better future for our people.

I personally give humble gratitude to the programmes we have achieved so far which include:

  • Sex and sexual abuse among children and women

  • Early marriage to our young women who are intended to be in schools

  • Contraceptive and reproductive rights of women

  • Training of community based counselors in areas of specific targeted programmes

  •  Policy advocacy and lobbying

  • Capacity building trainings

  • Eradication of harmful traditions through education

  • Formation and management of community support groups in all projected areas we have been in conjunction to with the communities

  • Formation of SME’ programmes among widows, youth, orphans and Disabled persons which is still being rolled out across the country of Kenya

Among other projects which the organization have achieved with the assistance of our well-wishers and other stakeholders

 We welcome all well-wishers to foresee the success of our women and children in adhering to their needs among the challenges they are facing and provide them with better living standards as women are the pillar of the global village.


Mr. Zachariah O. James