Mother and Child Mission Centre (K)

All feel the same pain All need each other  

A heartfelt welcome to website of MOTHER AND CHILD MISSION CENTRE (K). We are pleased to have you visit.

MOTHER AND CHILD MISSION CENTRE (K) is a NGO based in the Kenya whose main objective is to empower Women and Youth with the capabilities to reach their full potential so they can live productive through SME's and Business Skill Building exploration in Empowering them to be self-sustainable and reliant without depending on Employment from Government and other Stakeholders (Being Self Entrepreneurs)

The name of the group is MOTHER AND CHILD MISSION CENTRE (K); which initially started as a women based group only but with our Youth incorporation it changed its name to comprise both groups (all gender inclusive; disabled persons and other networks with the same initiative in mind) in assisting in poverty eradication within the society. 

Mother & Child Mission Centre - Kenya (MCMCK) is a non-governmental, non-partisan, non-profit organization with a vision of promoting and supporting initiatives that safeguard the women/children's rights; ensure the well being of women and children in Kenya.  We are envisioning MCMC (K) to be a centre of excellence admirable by other communities and societies around the globe: for the world is a closely-knit society.       

The centre strives to build a strong inter-agency collaboration in programmes geared towards ensuring long-term interventions for people in high profile ares.  Women are the pillars of the society; hence the centre supports efforts to enable women build good governance and democratic processes for ensuring social change in all sectors of society.  It strives to develop Mothers negotiation and self-development skills in enabling them seek services for themselves.

The primary target of the organization is women and children and indirect beneficiaries are youth, especially young girls and boys and men who are always assistance to the programmed areas.

Women are the key development drivers who need to be involved in all stages of any initiative; from conceptualization to designing, planning, implementation management and monitoring and evaluation.

Mother and Child Mission Centre (Kenya) is the first of its kind in Kenya.  The centre believed in a unique and holistic approach towards women empowerment by offering diversified range of services and raising awareness of the Kenyan woman and child so that they can be able to demand their legal, political, social economic, cultural and reproductive rights among other rights which are a hinderance unto them by means of governmental and societal impacts. 

With impacts being channeled to the youth to reduce the poverty which has culminated among most young women and men the centre strives to build initiatives which will guide them secure scholarships to train them on small scale business and upgrading of their social and livelihood adherence among the community and society as a whole being a good example to other young youths and children.  Young women are being introduced to IT management, educative exposures and Marketing; while young men are introduced to IT, good governance and collaboration to associate with other internationally young group Entrepreneurships 

MCMCK intends to bring all stakeholders within the African continent to foresee that women of Africa, youth; children and young men and women goals, visions are met fully and adhered to by their government institutions.